Delivery & Positioning


Delivery of LMC Modular PODs is planned at design stage.  Our inhouse engineers design the steel frames with rigidity, lifting, slinging and safe positioning as a primary design leader.  Our designers have developed unique lifting eyes and lifting frames that ensure lateral forces are eliminated and the structural integrity of each POD is guaranteed on each lift.
Deliveries are planned agreed and added to the construction programme so the building can be formed around the PODs once they are delivered.  This allows for and orderly process from the factory floor to site and reduces the number of lifts for each POD.


Once the PODs have been delivered to site LMC ensure they are positioned in their exact final position.  Often this position dictates the shape and position of the service shafts.  Again, LMC have gone to great lengths to ensure this is as seamless a process as possible and to ensure the ease of movement of the PODs from the landing bay to final position we have developed our bespoke jack and wheel system.  This was designed in house and can be reused again and again.