Sign Off & Care

Sign Off

All LMC orders commence with the production of a benchmark POD that is signed off by all parties and is the standard that must be achieved for each POD on that particular site.  Each POD from commencement to completion is traceable and has its own log and test certs.  We provide an inspection hatch on each POD so they can be visually inspected on delivery to site without the need for unnecessary traffic through the POD.  On completion of the construction phase and during the commissioning phase the final sign off of each POD takes place with the proving of the functionality of the Mechanical and Electrical elements.  This sign off can then be added to the paperwork for each POD and is added to the handover documentation for the client.


As LMC group has its own Facilities Company LMC FM Ltd we are acutely aware of the benefits of designing and constructing PODs with the ease of servicing and cleaning as primary design factors.  To this end LMC use red and blue insulation on our hot and cold piping for speed of identification.  We utilise manifold arrangements for the water services for ease of connection and isolation.  Our waste pipe arrangements are installed with ease of access in mind.  All of our electrical services are neatly connected via structured conduits to a central connection box again for ease of connection and isolation.  Internally our finishes are all installed to facilitate ease of cleaning, deep corners and tight areas are avoided.