Helpdesk 24/7/365 Nationwide Service

LMC Facilities 24-7 Helpdesk

Operation of LMC Helpdesk

The LMC Help Desk is the first point of contact for client staff requesting the assistance of a Service Engineer, Contractor or technical advice.  The Help Desk includes a live interface that logs and tracks the status and progress of all Help Desk calls 24/7/365.

LMC facilities have Engineers on call throughout the country and will have one with you within your agreed SLA wherever you are.  Once a call has been logged with our Help Desk Facility and our Engineer is dispatched our team will communicate with the client representative in advance of arriving to site and thus potentially expedite a swifter resolution to a given problem.

The Help Desk dashboard is tailored to the specific needs of each client and is managed by the LMC Help Desk manager and our support team in LMC Facilities.  We are acutely aware that the success of the Help Desk is down to the accuracy and courtesy of the Help Desk Operators.  When a call is received by the Help Desk Team the call is logged onto the system after the operator has ascertained the following information:

  • Facility affectedSample Screenshot of the Live HelpDesk
  • Name of caller and contact number
  • Nature of problem
  • System affected
  • Priority level of call

The Help desk forwards the call to the relevant LMC Engineer / Specialist Contractor relaying information received and agrees an arrival time.

The procedure for call outs is the same whether it is during or outside of normal working hours.

The Help Desk uses a Red/Amber/Green colour coding system to identify the priority of jobs.  These priority levels will be agreed with the client during the initial project implementation period.

All calls are tracked and are visible on the live dash board from initial callout until final completion and signoff by the client.  This is traced as one of our primary KPIs.

Download our Helpdesk Process Chart